I have never used MANTAN before, is there anything I should be aware of before following the application instruction?

As everyone?s skin tone and type is individual to them, we highly recommend carrying out a patch test 24hrs prior to applying any tanning product for the first time.

Will MANTAN stain my body hair or facial hair?

No, that’s the great thing about MANTAN. We formulated our products with every aspect of the modern day man in mind.

Does MANTAN suit all skin types?

Yes because it is a light weight and build-able formula, you are able to go as light or dark as you want by the amount of product used.

How long will it last on my skin?

This man tan will last around anywhere from 5-7?days depending on your skin care routine

Will MANTAN turn my skin orange?

No, MANTAN is formulated with a red undertone to give men’s skin a bronzed natural look, so you will not have to worry about your skin turning orange. It will never look like a fake tan, when applied correctly.

What’s the best way to apply MANTAN?

Use the MANMITT which is made to work in conjunction with the mousse and apply an even amount all over the body. ?With a velvet side perfect for buffing in the product, it will be a perfect man tan.

How long should i leave this on for?

We recommend?6-8 hours for a flawless ?man tan.

Where else can I buy MANTAN?

Currently the number 1 man tan, MANTAN, is only available online.