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Mantan is based in the UK with offices in London and manchester In 2016, a young entrepreneur noticed the soaring interest in tanning products among men, who could find little to satisfy their needs in a cosmetics industry dominated by products for women. Intent on filling this gap in the market, Mantan was created in order to meet the needs of the modern man. Since then, the business has grown to become the largest exclusively-male tanning company in the country, offering a versatile range of 5 different products, with more under development.


Mantan is unique insofar as it is exclusively formulated for men. It’s been designed with a reddish undertone that creates a masculinised sun-bronzed look. The entire range has even been tailored towards men in terms of its unique scent, which is orientated around the subtle but enticing aroma of aloe leaf popularly used in male aftershaves.

Our carefully crafted range of products is one of Mantan’s best selling points. In addition to our basic everyday product, Mantan Original, we have designed something specific for different domains of the modern man’s life – from our Express range, aimed at providing tanning on-the-go for those with busy lifestyles, to our Definition range that has been formulated to compliment the sculpted, muscular physiques that are fast becoming a requirement for men today, Mantan is uniquely suited to men.

Come on man get that tan.


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